Error Creating ISO, DVD Fab 8. Skip, Abort, Retry?

Hi All!!

I am using DVD Fab 8 to rip my new DVD box set to ISO files. Most of the disks rip just fine but I have run into one that seems to have an error.

About 50% into the process DVD Fab reports the error and then asks me if I want to retry, skip, or abort. I tried the ‘retry’ option a few times but the error never went away. I have also aborted the process but, obviously, that results in not having my ISO.

My question is, if I select ‘skip’ what will that do? Will there be a (noticable) missing chunk out of my video whenever I play it back?

Also, is there any utility I can buy to clean the disk or perhaps a program that is better at reading degraded disks than others?



Since this is a DVDFab problem, you should really check the DVDFab forum HERE to see if the disc you are having problems with is listed.

Usually, if what you decribed happens it’s either because you have a bad disc (it’s scratched or damaged in some way) or it’s because you are using an older version (or the free verson) of DVDFab.

Most of the time if you select “skip” you will end up with a bad file.

There’s really no other program that will read a bad disc, since it is basically a problem with your drive not being able to read the disc.

UPDATE - I ran to Best Buy last night and purchased a new (LG) DVD player/burner and it made it all the way through the disk! the ripping slowed down at around 50% almost to a point of stopping but the little LG persisted and pushed it’s way though! i guess LG > HP when it comes to reading disk images. :slight_smile: