ERROR Copying in WD - the folder does NOT exist


My device manager shows the WD My Pasword is OK.
Once the drive is installed, I began copying folders from my PC and an another external HD to the Passport drive. The first few operations went fine. But, once I began copying a folder with approx 2 GB of files, I encountered an error message indicating that the folder I am copying to on the passport did not exist. I stopped the copy process and tried to delete the offending folder from the passport, but I received the same error message: the folder did not exist! I restored the pc to a date prior to the passport install and went thru the process again. Same problem.
any thoughts?

Screenshot of the Error in German (my SO Windows 10 is in German )


It is possible that the partition or the folder is corrupted.
I recommend you take any important data out of the drive and the proceed to format it.

have the same problem. how did you solve it?