Error Connecting to MyBook World


I hope someone can explain the issue I am having with my MyBookWorld. Every now & then I get the following error:

“Z: drive is not accessible
configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable or access has been denied.”

This error occurs on my wireless laptop which is running Windows XP. When I try to access the MyBook World from my desktop which is wired into my router, I do not experience the same error and can access my files. Plus when I try to access the MBW from my other laptop which is wireless and running Windows 7 I don’t have the issue there as well.

What I do to resolve the issue is the following:

I log into the “Shared Storage Manager” and select  General Setup >> Change Current Date and Time and then I adjust the time on my MBW to the same time on my desktop. Then when I return to my laptop and try to acacess the MBW I have no problems accessing it once again.

Is there a way to avoid having this issue? I’m not sure if what I’m doing is the actual answer or if it’s making something else reset the connection somehow so the access is re-established.

I’m not a network savay guy so this is probably all over my head but I consider myself to be more tech savay then your regular home user. Hopefully someone can respond with a simple fix. Thanks in advance for all your help.



At some point your laptop must be losing connection, maybe a low wireless signal? Try using a wired connection and check if the problem happens again.