Error codes are VERY frustrating

I’ve tried to do a reset on my 4Tb My Cloud to get these messages (all on the same dialog)

  • Invalid parameter value. (400093)
  • The web access account you requested for could not be created. Ensure that you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again. (250008)
  • Note: User successfully added.

So, what was that? I don’t have network connectivity issues (am typing the message minutes after the error, and was browsing the forum while resetting). User added or not? What is that 400093 message?


Aaaand I’m stuck on it.

After resetting it I get this dialog:

When I click on Finish:


When I click on OK:


Then I get to the first dialog. If I unselect the update and register options and on “Finish”  the normal interface appears, and everything seems in order… or not?

I don’t know what error was that and what side effects my options caused. 

Hi Rafael,

Please check your private messages.

No response from customer – besides in this thread? 

Did you try to contact me in other way I am unaware of? 



Hi Rafael,

My apologies…It appears that I posted to the wrong thread. However, please check your private message and I’ll have Support contact you regarding this issue.