Error code


I have two Tv shows on my WD Tv live media player.I have watched both episodes so i know the play ok.But when i try to delete them i get the following

Error code 0x80070570

No matter what i do i cannot get these two items to delete.Anyone got any ideas or tip on how i can resolve this matter ??


You mean other than attaching that drive to your computer and deleting them there?

Thats how i normally delete file attch to Pc delete the move over more new files.Is there another way to delete files ? :slight_smile:

Search the internet. This error means that the files are corrupted.

ERROR 0X80070570: ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT.This error is due to The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. . 

I cannot find any easy way for this problem to be sorted. As a last resort you could remove any other files and re-format the drive.

I had thought of that option myself.But as my WD has @ the moment 140Gb of movies & Tv prog,s it will have to wait a while

Cheers :slight_smile:

Try a full disk scan, and tell it to scan for and fix errors.

It’s possible this happened due to not “Safely Removing Hardware” before you pulled it.