(error code -8084) on Mybook World White Light

I have a MBW White Light and it’s been working fine for years. However yesterday when trying to do a typical duplicate of one of my folders the Finder window just flashed and dissapeared. When I tried to copy the folder to my the desktop the Finder window flashed and then I got the error code -8084.

The drive is connected with a network cable to my wireless router (just got a new router, the dir-655). The router serves three macbooks and one stationary PC.

I am quite worried since the MBW is my work storage disk where I have all my work files.

It seems I can read the files but not move or copy them.

Any solutions? Any idea what is causing the problem?

Thankful for all help!

Did you check if the drive is full?

Try mapping the drive and see if you have the same results

Are these problems related to files made on the mac?