Error 31520 - Cannot establish remote access connection



I try to configure remote access, but I have got an error message
Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. (Error 31520)

I tried also Manual port configuration. Ports are accessible from internet. Apache2 responds on those ports.
But still I have got this error.

Is there anybody who can help me?
I think the problem can also be that the website was changed from wd2go . com to mycloud . com
Or the API become old for mycloud . com I do not know.

I found some warnings in log
[warn] RSA server certificate wildcard CommonName (CN) `.device** . wd2go . com’ does NOT match server name!?

Thank you


Hi romanh,

We have sent a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.


Hi, i am also experiencing the same problem. Is there a solution?

I also have some more problems. After a short while from power on, my wd live duo stops dlna server and apache2 server. I couldn’t find how to fix these issues. Is there a new version of firmware? I’m using latest firmware from 2015.



Same problem. It’s definitely the domain name change from to Any solution?