Error 31010 for e-mail notifications test

I am using a My Book Live 3TB at work and two My Book Live (2TB and 3TB) at home. At home the e-mail notifications work fine but at work when configuring the e-mail recipients i get the error 31010. All i found out about the e-mail notifications is that they are being sent by a WD mailserver so i guess that our firewall blocks the command from the My Book Live to the WD mailserver.

What ports are used for this notification command? Or is there any other way i can get the notifications running at work? As I’m backing up the My Book Live daily it’s troublesome connecting every day to the My Book Live to see whether the backup worked fine.

No guys from WD here to help me with this? :angry:

This is not an official channel for WD staff to support. Some do come once in a while and assist.

If you want support, contact their support department and open a case.

Forums are customer base helping each other.


BTW, most mail services use SMTP (TCP 25), you could start there.

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catpat wrote:

No guys from WD here to help me with this? :angry:

This is a user community, not a tech support live chat, so chill or none of the regular users will want to help you. WD people tend to post here but you should not come expecting that when they have direct communication channels.

I have never seen a post like yours in my time in here so if the mail server uses specific ports then that’s something I don’t think WD has made public before, so you’d be better giving them a call or sending an E-mail to their tech support teams.