Error 29, System fan doesn't work

I have a problem with notice Error 29, system fan doesn’t work. It will takes always, when I’m somewhere out of NAS and I can’t check if it works. Always when I check the NAS, it works. Do you have any idea what is that?


Hi @skolaeast,

Please refer to the article My Cloud: Fan Not Working or Failure Alert Message:

Thanks for reply @Keerti_01… when I stream something for example, I have 44 °C and fan running

and really running. The error message on email will come everytime, when I am out of computer and NAS has to be in idle state.
So why i am getting this messageses if is everything ok?

Now I catch the situation, when E-mail come and i was near to NAS… Power LED is blinking RED, but on diagnostic I can see two screens

But I thing that fan is working.

Is the right time to use the complaint?Is the right time to use the complaint?

Hi @skolaeast,

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: