Error 25483605 while connection to knowledge base

Hey I have a problem in order to connect with knowledge base error 25483605 occurs.
Can anybody help me with this??

Which article is the one you are trying to access? And have you tried other Internet Browsers?

Thanks for replay. Yes Generally I can’t connect with Knowledge base . Simply I clik on link to Knowledge base and the error occurs.

My only internet browser is Chrome. But I will use another soon to check. But other links to WD portal works correctly.

Hello, did you fix your issue?
I encounter the same issue as yours. But changing another browser does not fix it.

Well now i know what is going there. My issue is caused by a stupid program that can be called adware or something i found this TrimModule on control panel and according to this article, i think the Error 25483605 must be caused by it!! Can you try if you have the same program inside your system?