Error 1400 on a My Cloud EX2 (not the cloud but to another machine)

i am having this same problem i know its almost 2 years ago but what was the solution that was given to you if any??
or anyone else who see’s this. i have hada ticket open for 3 weeks now and NO HELP…

EDIT: i do have a ticket open for a few days, but i have been working to resolve this problem for 3 weeks now.

Hi @Nysklisky

Can you send me a Private Message with your case number and/or the email address used to create the case?

EDIT: I moved your post to a new topic - Necromancy is frowned upon here.

Hi @Great_Scottt
aww but necromancy is my favorite past time in DnD, the paladins always just love me for it… ROFLMAO

My ticket number(s) [Deleted] was “answered” by [Deleted] [GRUMBLE he sent me the link to the page that tells me how to make a remote job… I already know how to do this… GRUMBLE… agitation] yesterday to an improper email address than the one I submitted it to over the phone,

Another ticket I have opened [Deleted] is another attempt to get to the same resolution. I was supposed to have a call back from level 2 support but they either called and didn’t talk when I answered or never called.

If there is another way to private message you through the system i am unsure of it.