Error 0x8007045D in a brand new device?


I’ve recently bought a WD elements portable HD, USB 3.0, 1TB. So I started adding data. Up to 80GB on the disk without problems. Next day I resumed it. A folder with the size of 20GB. However at 1/5 completion, it gave an error. Error 0x8007045D i/o device error. Now when I’m transferring files (even from 20MB) it gives this error 2 out of 3 times.

Can someone tell me if this is a failure of the WD HD or from windows 7? On the moment it was like a week old, now two. So when I know if it is the device I’ll go to the story with the warranty instead of solving it.

Many thanks in advance.


The I/O error is a input-output error. It could be the USB cable or the USB port, check your drive with a different USB cable or perhaps test your drive with a different computer.