Error 0x8007003B

Hi everyone,

when I transfer large files (more than 4gig to my WD my cloud 2Tb, I sometimes get this error. it seems to be random.

tonight I transfered 4 files and on the 5th got the error. Then 2 files after I also got the error.

when the error happens it seems that the file still transfered but the network connection to my pc crashed and it recovers some minutes after.

anyone experienced this?

router is ciscoE4200

Wd My cloud is connected through ethernet and the pc is wired to the router

thanks in advance

try disabling your antivirus if you have any.

Here is a link with similar problems from microsoft. Please go over it and se if any

good luck

I have tried but it still happen.

The weird thing is that my network card disable itself when this happens and if I go in windows control panel to diagnose the proble it will reinitialize it and everything starts working again perfectly.

Thanks for your help