Error 0x80070037


I have already using a WD elements 500 gb. Today I decided to buy a 1 TB WD elements. I bought it and started to use it. When I try to store the large files,  after few minutes my computer stops recognizing the device and it gives the error code 

Error 0x80070037

What can I do about this topic ? I don’t have anyproblem with 500 gb one, but 1 TB one does that problem. Otherwise I am gonna send back my device and gonna buy another brand.

Hello, be sure to connect the hard drive directly to the PC, avoid using extension USB cables or USB hubs and then try again.

TDMTR: I had this problem but now its fixed.

I thought it was the HDD
I thought I had the latest drivers

Turns out I wasn’t looking in the right place for drivers as I did a check for updates but came back with none.

If you know what motherboard you have, go onto their website and find your model number and download the USB drivers.

When I installed mine, it unistalled them first time and had to run the install a second time.

After many tests of transferring a good 100gb to it, then back off it to main hdd, then again with another 100+GB  of different files all without fail, I can safely say this has resolved it.

I too started transferring files only to get a few hundred MB’s in and it come with Error 0x80070037 and it disconnect from My Computer.

Hope this helps.