Error 0117 on *multiple* New WD6001FZWX

On 2 brand new 6TB WD6001FZWX-00AZVA0 drives I get Error/Status Code 0117 “UNCORRECTABLE ECC ERROR” from DOSDLG 5.22 on a bootable USB drive. Same result when I tried a different computer, same result when I made a different bootable USB drive. (One time instead I got a CODE 0002 “TEST INTERRUPTED BY DRIVE”.)

The errors occurred in the Quick Test portion of the Extended test and said “Errors have been found on the drive!!! Please back up your data and then run extended test or run a full media scan to resolve this issue”.

With the first drive I bought I just sent it back to the vendor at this point since I feel I do not want a brand new drive that starts out with errors. But now that the brand new replacement identical model gives the same error code I’m very confused.

I’ve had many 4TB Black hard drives pass the extended test with DOSDLG 5.22 and are serving me well in Windows7 Pro 32-bit.

It doesn’t make me feel any better that in Windows7 the newest drive Passed (after 14.5 hours, which makes me wonder if it took all that time to correct errors) an Extended test with DLG for Windows v1.29. Particularly since when I then ran DOSDLG 5.22 the drive it got Error/Status Code 0117 again anyway!

Can someone please either confirm my fear that both drives have errors I’m reasonable to be concerned about, or explain (the to-me mystery of) why these errors are occurring?

Please help me, I would really love to be able to enjoy 6TB hard drives!


As a recommendation, please contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info:

I subsequently called WD Support. They urged me to RMA for a 3rd identical drive and get back to them if there was an issue.

The 3rd identical drive failed DOSDLG 5.22 with the same error code.

When I phoned again and asked if there was a “known issue” with DOSDLG 5.22 they said they said no but they said they would at some point put up a revised version of DOSDLG, version 5.25. It went up within one day.

A week later I had occasion to buy a 4th identical hard drive. It passes DOSDLG version 5.25! I just phoned WD Support back to let them know that the new version works for me on their 6TB Black drive.

I’m surprised that this happened. Anyone who really knows what they’re doing knows that there are times that bootable HDD diagnostics are essential. I’m glad that I’ve got that now for the 6TB drives I wanted.