Erratic display of embedded thumbnails

I can’t see my particular problem referred to on this forum, so I will raise it here. I have a 1st generation WDTV Live, used mostly for playing my rather extensive collection of classical mp3 & flac files. A few weeks ago firmware update 2.02.32 was pushed via the auto update procedure. The main difference I noticed after the update was the rather nicer looking audio playback screen, apparently with the capability of displaying an embedded jpg file during playback.

However, this facility does not appear to be working consistently. Most of my files have an embedded jpg, but of those only a few are displayed. Further, it seems that none of the files I have added since the update will display the jpg, and if I open a file with, say, mp3tag, I stand a chance of losing the thumbnail display. I have been unable to find any correlation between the thumbnail file properties I have access to and the ability to display the thumbnail.

Everything else seems to be working properly - no problems with videos or photos so far. I can see that displaying audio thumbnails during playback could have some interesting uses so I would really like it to work properly. Can anyone suggest a possible reason for my problem, or offer a solution?

The latest firmware for the 1st generation of the WDTV Live is 1.06.34 so you’re talking about the Live Streaming and thus are in the wrong forum. It’s also no auto-update but an update notification, you can refrain from updating and even turn off this message.

Ouch! My apologies, you are right. I got confused by the number of WDTV devices available and have now checked the documentation. I will repost in the appropriate forum.

I found the solution myself - when I tagged the mp3 files I failed to notice that the tags were saved as utf-8 coding instead of utf-16. When I changed to utf-16, the embedded images appeared as they were supposed to do.

I think there is a moral here. I was getting worried by all the negative comments I was seeing about the 2.02.32 firmware update - was that the cause of the problem I was seeing? It wasn’t, and this illustrates the point that when something goes wrong, or seems to go wrong, it is not always due the obvious reason that first springs to mind.