Erratic Behavior with DVD ISOs

I just got a Live plus. It works great. Mediafly, Netflix, Pandora, pics, music all work flawlessly. However, when I play a DVD ISO, it freezes after about 30 seconds and then resumes either with no sound or with sound out of sync. Is there any way to tell where the problem is?

hi there

  • iso files are well played [usb/nas  - within my network]

  • pls provide more details about the source of this files [usb/nas] in your case ?

  • and  check wheter that is the bottle neck [lan - that is slowing the transfer] ?



I have the files on my Windows 7 PC. I have the folder shared and it appears fine on the WDTV.  It is a wireless share. How do I find if there is a bottleneck?

The files play fine on the pc


  • just try to play on screen the much ligher video file [xvid,avi,mkv] - simple as thtat

  • then you woud see the difference [ligher files are playd via wifi with no problem, the bigger files are having problems]

  • also copy the files to usb drive and play from usb - to check if there is some freezing [via usb probably not]

  • and pls revert here to show/tell  [to other users]  if it worked then



am at work now… will try tonight

Most people do not have any problem playing DVD ISOs on their Live Plus. How did you rip the DVD and make the ISO? One combination that works well for me is to use DVDFab to rip the DVD and ImgBurn to combine the ripped files into an ISO.

Also, post few example of the media info of your ISOs, it might be codec issue.

Ok… Got home and reset everything just to make sure there were no connection issues… Still bad…

Decided to “relogin” to the network share. So, turned off auto login and now it works!!!

Turned auto login back on and login annon… still reproduces problem… Turned off and login using username and password… flawless…

Must have something to do with security??? Maybe guest login causing issues??