Erasing Backup/Warranty Questions

Ok to start off I would like to know how to erase my backup properly. I know of the Erase Drive setting in Smartware, but I don’t want to erase my entire drive, just the backup, I have install files on the Drive that I would like to keep, but I want to erase all my backup, for reasons I don’t feel like going into. Is this even possible, will I mess WD smartware if I manually erase the WD_Smartware folder? Well now that that’s done, I would like to know about the Warranty, I have quite a bit of warranty time left, but I would like to know if you only get to send it in once and the warranty is void, or can I send it in any number of times, my Passport seems to kind of be falling apart, but I don’t think it’s very serious as it still works and all, and I can probably fix it myself. Thanks to any people who give great answers in advance.

SmartWare has no provision for deleting a backup.  The best thing you can do is to delete the “WD SmartWare” folder off the drive since that will delete all backups but there is no way to remove a specific backup.  WD doesn’t repair drives during warranty returns since we instead replace the drive.

Sorry for late reply, haven’t had access to a computer lately. Anyway on to the main topic, let’s say the data is accessible, would you copy the files over, it would help me lots to not have to reinstall stuff. If need be I can fix it on my own, but would that make the warranty void, it would seem like for the warranty to be valid you can’t tamper with it in any way. I don’t want to lose my warranty, and I don’t want to lose my files either. Thanks a lot in advance.