Erasing and reformatting a WD10EACS voids serial number and Smart data...?!

Good afternoon,

AS WD doesnt provide me a proper email address where I can post this flaw, I will have to try to find answers this way.

As I have no more serial number it is impossible to get passed through te normal support pages

Although the smart data isnt available and the serial number dont show in WD Lifeguard diagnostics, the drive did erase, and did format and passes through the Windows 7 disk error check utility

Should I trust this sutuation or should i trash this 1TB disk coming out of a Mybook?

Thanks for helping me out

A simple erase / reformat isn’t going to do a thing to SMART data or serial numbers. Those are stored in hardware, not on the platters.

You’ve got something else going on.

As to the S/N – that’s printed on the label.

And, no, WD doesn’t do business via random emails. Open a support case at: