Erased Drive: Want to get the startups and appropriate drivers back

So I bought a 2TB “my passport ultra” and it worked fine, but by mistake when I made a back-up plan of my Videos folder I didn’t realize my whole local disk was accessible from my Videos folder for some reason, and it backed up pretty much my entire computer. Afraid to touch anything I decided to just erase my whole drive, knowing that I would also lose the startups and installation applications, but thinking I could just download them back.

However I feel like the manuals aren’t showing me jack. Whenever I try to start the “WD Smartware” application downloaded from the support website, it shows me the same error message: “Application not started from drive”, even though the application is in fact located in said drive to begin with. The “WD Backup” application, already installed, keeps telling me that it’s unable to back up files to my passport ultra. As for “WD Drive Utilities”, it doesn’t detect any anomaly.

I kept reading forum messages and browsing the confusing support site, but I’m getting tired. I would rather like having a view of a newly purchased “my passport ultra” drive to see what are the things that I am missing instead of constantly having to guess.

Hi, it would help if you could show some screenshots of the error that you are seeing. Also, try to uninstall the WD Smartwre from your computer and then re-install it on the C drive of your computer and see if that helps.