Erased Disk seems to have died, IMac First Aid fails to help


I have erased a 4TB G-Technology backup disk to start over, I used Mac Disk Utility to perform the erase.
Now the disk seems to have died, in Disk Utility it shows as almost empty with 1.3Tb of space used, using Finder it shows empty. I cannot use disk utility to repair it as this fails every time. What can I do to get this disk running again?


Make sure you select the top part of the device that is listed in Disk Utility.

You should see the device name and then under it indented slightly the volume name. Select the device and click Erase and see if that allows it to take the format and work again.


thanks, that worked!


The disk still appears dead. I can’t access, repair, partition or erase it. Does this mean its dead?
Can I use any other tools to repair or reformat this disk?


If you cannot erase the drive then there could be hardware related issue with the drive. In that case if it is under warranty we can get you a replacement drive via the RMA page on our site: RMA


Thanks, I have done the RMA and I will return the Drive.
My RMA # RMA number: 38651051


I have asked for any data if found on this drive to be deleted.
Thank you