Erased and Screwed


I have a 500gb passport drive that i used to backup my macbook. I plugged in the drive today, and ended up ERASING the drive…not partitioning. I was raised with a PC… so i thought mac’s ERASE was like windows Format… now the drive doesn’t show up on a PC or a mac. The drive was originally purchased for PC use, but as i mentioned i used it once to backup my macbook. Now i erased it, and neither pc or mac will pick this thing up. Is there anything i can do or am I just screwed?

I don’t know about Mac but in Windows does the drive show up in disk management? It may need to be initialized before you can format it.


*update: I unplugged the drive… downloaded software from… and for a moment … it popped up! i tried partitioning the drive for my mac… but it said the partition failed… i updated the firmware… and now it won’t show up… frustrating