Equation group malware and firmware scurity

Good day,

you know about the atttcka with help of Equation group malware, patching hard drives firmware. Kaspersky Labs states your brands were among drives successfully patched by it. Please write whither you plan to produce new drive with principally new or essentially improved firmware security technology. Also write if you plan to update the firmware of currently produced and old drives.

We have already posted that we do not know of any security vulnerabilities with our drives.  Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that for anyone to take over your drive they would need to gain access to your drive.  That would only happen once they breached your network firewall and security.

Thank you, but what about new disc models with essentially improved firmware security. Does WD develop principally new firmware security technology.

Firmware technology is not something I am in the know of, and I’m sure that we wouldn’t want it discussed on the forums, especially since it’s proprietary and critical to the function of our drives.  However, I’m confident that when our product teams hear about security vulnerabilities, they take them seriously, and do something about them.