Episodic Darklight theme question

Darklight question…

Am loving the Darklight theme, and have pretty much got it how i like it, still struggling with Music and Photos but thats an issue with me and the smp i think :confounded:

I have a few episodic tv shows i have that i want to put on the HD and wondered how to get it display properly on the theme - i.e





etc etc

i have managed to get the main dvd case image to show but cant see a way to “add” the individual episodes screen grab or episode info?

Is their a special template i should be using to generate the main dvd case image and then individual episode pic/data?

any help much appreciated


First, you should have you TV shows structured like this:

Show name (folder)

    Season 1 (folder)

         showname - S01E01.mkv

         showname - S01E02.mkv


    Season 2 (folder)

         showname - S02E01.mkv

         showname - S02E02.mkv


Then if you need coverart boxes for each episode, you can try these: http://www.mediafire.com/?a6tkz7s11y1wnux

These use the backdrops for the coverart, or you can take a screenshot and use it.  Just make sure that the part of the screenshot or backdrop that you want to use is in the center of the image since this is what  will be used for the coverart.

fanart.jpg    Doctor Who - S1E01 - Rose.jpg

Thanks for the promp reply tinwarble (one day i’d like to know how you got that name lol) - i take it that their is a naming convention for episodic dvds then?

Its becoming clearer, so basically if im doing a 6 series programme i.e Men Behaving Badly - that becomes the main folder, inside that folder goes the season 1,2,3 folder etc and inside each of those season folders goes the individual episodes - named thus: “men behaving badly - S01E01.mkv”

I’m assuming these have to be done by hand and its not an automated process?

and can i have the synopsis of the individual episode show like it does for the movies? or am i asking to much?


You’ve got it, that’s how you do it.

But no, the process can’t be automated (will it sort of can but you probably wouldn’t like the outcome).

And yes, Thumbgen will use the “Episode Plot” for the overview so it should so up just like it does for movies.  Just make sure you select “TheTVDB.com” as your collector or TG want find the correct info.

Also I have a guide for setting up TG for TV shows which you can download here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?yeqerug2kc914y9

But this guide is old and I haven’t been able to update it, however it will get you started in the right direction.

As for my screen name, well I can’t give away all my secrets.:wink:

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