Episode sorting question

Until I added xml files from Thumbgen, I didn’t have any problems with this.  My genre folders were sorted alphabetically and tv episodes within their respective folders were sorted numerically (Breaking Bad.S01E01, Breaking Bad.S01E02, and so on).  Now, my episodes are now sorted alphabetically by the title of the episode, thus NOT in the order they aired.

I think being able to see the name of the episode oon screen as I’m scrolling through the folder is a plus, but they should still be in order.

Can someone tell me what I need to fix in the xml file, please?

skatterbrane wrote:


Can someone tell me what I need to fix in the xml file, please?

If the XML was generated correctly, the TV Show filter (Green button) will sort by season, then episode, regardless of title.

If you’re using a different filter, then the TITLE section must be changed.

Thanks so much.  I tried renaming the episodes in the xml file by putting numbers in front of each title - it’s skipping the number completely and still sorting by the title, BUT, I think I’ve figured something out.  Several times, I’ve deleted all xml, jpg’s, etc. and started all over again in Thumbgen and try different settings.  Yet, when I plug my hard drive back in, the contents of the file look exactly the same.  Then, when I hook my HD back up to my laptop, I noticed that there is a new folder on my HD called “.wd_tv” and when I open it, it’s full of thumbs.  I am now clearing the thumbs in Season 5, starting over again in Thumbgen and I will unplug my WD TV player, wait, then plug back in and plug the HD back in.  I’m really hoping this will be a ‘cache clearing’ situation and all will be fine.

(fingers crossed)

The WDTV will import the XMLs into the media library – ONCE.

If you make a change to the XML file later, it’ll be DISPLAYED, but it will not be changed in the database.

You have to trick the WDTV into thinking the media file is new, so that it will re-import the XML into the database and clear out the old data.

The easiest (but most drastic) way of doing this is to clear the media library and it will re-import everything.

The “cleanest” way of doing it is to rename both the media file and the XML file (to match), so the WD will think the old file is gone and pick up a new file (and its XML.)

If parent folders are renamed, everything inside that folder will be re-imported.

I think the real problem is, I need something else besides Thumbgen.  All I want for my TV shows is to show the name of the episode, the episode plot and a thumbnail (a still shot of something that happens in that episode).  I don’t want these movie sheets and fan art and all that extra stuff.  I just can’t seem to get Thumbgen set up with those settings.

I’m in search of a simpler program that doesn’t require so much manual work on each episode, cutting and pasting the plot and then the plot isn’t even in the xml file.  I have to paste it in again, manually.  *sigh*

Thanks for trying to help me - at least I know now how to “trick” the WDTV.

I think this is what you want:

WD Live Info Editor

Thank you, I’m downloading now and will give it a try.

I think THIS is what you want:


But I’m partial, because I wrote it.  :)

It’ll let you title the episodes in any conceivable way you want.

If you want to sort by episode number, use the ^E prefix in the title template.

If you want to sort by SEASON and episode number, use ^s^E.   It’s all documented in the tool itself as a tooltip.


Thank you for this.  This is the first time I have seen this.  I too will give this a close check, it looks to address some of the things that aren’t just right in the Info Editor.