Enterprise difference - Two 500 GB drives

What’s the difference between WD 5002AALX and 5000 AAKX?  We have one of each: 

L type is a Enterprise / WD Velociraptor (Plain wrap package - looks like the more commerical type use)


K type is a Enterprise / WD XE: WD S25. (Blue - says Desktop Hard Drive on package - more of a retail package)

I want one to be a backup drive for 2003 SBS. (Small office use with 8 workstations.) 


Hi well by the model number a WD5002AALX is a WD 500 gig black drive. A Velociraptor you can tell it is a 2.5 drive mounted to a 3.5 ice pack for cooling. The WD5000AAKX is a blue drive. The black drive is faster than the blue and is supposed to withstand more use. The black drive has a 5 year warranty the blue has a 2 year warranty. I would use the black drive. But the black or the blue is not a enterprise drive.

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Thanks. I was reading the model code chart wrong.