Entered wrong password several times due to unknown broken keyboard

Keyboard ruined due to unknown water damage. Whatever. I failed my password x times due to borked keys and am now locked out.

Now that I actually have a working keyboard, HOW THE **bleep** DO I PUT IN MY PASSWORD.

It keeps coming up with erase options.

Hmmm yeah I’d love to erase 4 years of my life, 4 **bleep**ING YEARS OF WORK THAT I NEED SO I CAN GET PAID AND FEED MYSELF AND LIVE

The one time THE ONE **bleep**ING TIME I don’t make a redundant backup and this **bleep** happens. Please tell me a solution to this problem because I KNOW THE **bleep**ING PASSWORD JUST LET ME ACCESS MY **bleep**ING DATA

Try disconnecting and turning off the drive, then reconnecting to see if it allows you to retry your password.