Enter your credentials


I can login, from my Windows 7 PC, to my Mycloud using the WD2go site, thas good, allowing Java to do it’s thing etc.

Selecting my shares and directroys not a problem, however when selecting a file say a Word document and try to open the file that is not possibale. I need to type in my credentials( see below) when entering the credentials 3 times the pop-up window disappears and that is the end of it.

Any idea why this is or what to do to solve this?

Because Wd2go uses Webdav protocols to access the shares, there are some security authentication issues with Microsoft Office. The solution is to use the desktop app instead of Wd2go.com or to copy the file locally for editing. PDF files open OK if you dismiss the authentication dialog box on open.

Thanks for that much appreciated !

Doesn’t look like a solution, looks like a workaround.

Any solution known?