Enter owner password correct but can’t access into dashboard 2

I found my MBL doing this yesterday after installing some things. searched all of the web and found no solution. after messing around i found the solution:

symptom: input password to GUI page on browser (any browser) page would not open admin interface only stays on password page without giving invalid password response.

" Leaving the admin password blank results in “invalid password”. Typing the password I set does not show an invalid password but redirects to a blank page or stays on the same password page. Typing the password I set resulted in a repeated “enter owner password” prompt. It did not tell me that the password was invalid. If I typed the password incorrectly, I would get “invalid password”. If I typed it correctly, I would simply get a repeated enter owner password prompt."

cause: dev/md1 folder is full, most likely from transmission filling it up as the incomplete/complete download folder is wrongly specified

solution: delete everything in dev/md1 and tell the software filling it up to do it somewhere else.

steps: SSH via putty or Winscp to locate folder and delete contents. find culprit program and re specify.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community.

It’s good to add a disclaimer when you are providing helps with steps using SSH on the drive since that might void the warranty.

I have the same issue. But SSH do not work: “connection refused”. What is the SSH user that I shoud use? Is there an other solution, if SSH don’t work?