Enhancement Request : WDTV should stay off after power outage and restore

Hello all,

I couldn’t decide where to post this but I thought this would be resolved through a firmware update.

My WDTV Live box powers up as soon as I plug the power cord. I thinık this shouldn’t be like that, because when there is a power outtage in my house, my WDTV Live stays up after the power comes back.

I wish it would sleep again right after it boots itself. I’d be glad if this is reflected on the next firmawre versions.


I wonder if that’s possible.   In order for FIRMWARE to fix it, the firmware has to EXECUTE.   For Firmware to EXECUTE, it has to be ON.  :)

TonyPh12345 wrote:

I wonder if that’s possible.   In order for FIRMWARE to fix it, the firmware has to EXECUTE.   For Firmware to EXECUTE, it has to be ON.  :)

Well, after the power comes back on, the WDTV Live boots and could go into hibernation mode automatically. I doubt it that WD will add this as an option, I think 99.999% of the users wouldnt want this to happen.

If you’re handy,  just add a power knob to the back of the WDTV. I remember soldering my own reset button to my Amiga500 when I was a kid, good old times :) 

Or the best solution: get one of those electric remote controllable power switches, where you can power your TV/stereo/dvd/wdtv live from. Just one press on the remote control and the power shuts down to all of your setup, saving you quite a bit of money on electricity, since hibernation for most electrical devices still consumes quite some power.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done.  The only drawback is that you then lose the ability to resume playback where you left off (the Live forgets this when powered down in this manner).  Not a huge issue for me (since the Plus doesn’t remember playback position anyway :>)

I usually pull the plug. It works for me. :slight_smile:

I believe that this enhancement could be done easily.

Programmatically, WDTV box should differentiate between a remote control power on and a power restore.

Then it could decide whether to hibernate or not :slight_smile:

I hope they add this, I don’t want to add extra levels of precautions to prevent this little tweak.

Thanks all,

In addition, we do not experience the same thing for our other electrical equipment.

Such as your computer or TV wouldn’t power up as soon as you plug the power but they might stand by :slight_smile:

This is how it should be :smileyvery-happy:

Most devices these days can remeber the state they were in when the power interruption happened and then attempt to recover to that same state. This would be the ideal solution IMO.

If the unit had been on, then power up.

If it had been off, then go to standby.

Alternatively, the next best option would be to add a preference in the UI so that the user could decide which action to take after power is restored. No need to hard code one outcome or the other.

Definitely agreed ! :slight_smile:

I hope WD folks are reading these threads.


I agree too.

Best remember the last state, alternatively a UI option.