Energy Saver feature: it's not possible to set stand-by time

Hi all,

i am a new user and i have recently buy a My Book Live 2TB.

I have got an issue with Energy Saver feature: i enabled this feature from web GUI, but under menu Energy Saver i haven’t got the possibility to set after how many minutes hard drive should go in stand-by mode because there isn’t any time option!

So hard drive never goes in stand-by mode!

I’m using a Macbook Pro and Safari as browser. I have tried also with Firefox but issue is present yet.

Some solutions? Somebody has got the same issue?

Thanks a lot!

The time is hard-set to 10 minutes.   There is no option to change it.   But, if the drive is idle, it WILL go to standby in approximately 10 minutes.

You say that it isn’t possible to set time, but on MyBookLive user manual is described that it’s possible to set stand-by time, and there is also an image. Now i’m not at home so i can’t post an image.

Otherwise, MyBookLive should go to sleep after 10 minutes but it doesn’t happen. Drive is idle because led in front panel is fixed green, so no operations are done on drive.


They removed the option to set the standby time a couple firmware updates ago, last spring IIRC. Don’t recall the reason, but I think it was briefly discussed here.