Endless repeat mode:is this possible?


I’d like to know if it is possible to repeat the same movie over and over on the WD TV live media player?

For my use, I need the movie to start playing immediately at startup and to continue playing in loop…

Did someone made the test and can tell me if it is possible?



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Yes, there is a “repeat” mode which can repeat the same video over and over (you set this in your options while the video is playing).  But it can’t be set to do this when the WD starts up (so you need to start the video, just like on an iPhone or Pod, and then choose “repeat”)

You may be able to use the Auto-play function so that the movie starts immediately playing on start up. The repeat setting can be set as a preference.

Is there a way to write a startup file for the WD TV box? I’ve been using this device successfully for a year now showing my video artwork in public. I have someone who is interested in purchasing some of my work but they don’t want to have to start up the box and then go through the process of starting the file. Is there any way to write a startup file that will autoplay a file after the box has been turned on? If not, I might need to look for a different box that will allow me to do this.

Thank you

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Sorry I didn’t see this but you really need to start your own thread when you want attention.

Rich already mentioned this feature.  It’s called “Auto Play” and when enabled it will play any media files located in the USB device’s root directory.  So all you’d have to do is hand your client a USB flash drive with your stuff on it, for example, and if he plugs it into the Live it will start playing without further intervention.