Endless categorizing your files

I’ve used a WD My Passport Essential for several years and it has worked OK so far as I know - I’ve never needed to recover any files. But for the last few months when I plug it in, it runs for hours with the home page saying it is categorizing my files, while the backup page says things such as " 0.00 KB of 4.62KB copied" or “0.00KB of -1417.99 KB copied”. Has it stopped working?

The total for Files to Backup eventually rises when I add files to the laptop, but the Files Backed Up total never catches up. Also, if I delete a file from the laptop, the File Backed Up total goes down. Surely the back-up should be protecting me from accidentally deleting files?

Any suggestions what to do, please?

John Bratton


Are you able to access the drive through windows explorer? if yes, try uninstalling the software and install that again.

Thanks. I’ll try that if I can find the cd with the software on.