End to end error WDC WD10EZEX-60M2NA0

hi guys …yesterday i see i “nice” message from windows 8.1 about HDD error and after this i begin to test my new HDD with lot of utillites to understand what is happening …so how bad is  my problem, is my problem reparable or i need to give back to market and get another HDD !!!


Install hard disk sentinel and tell us the stats

no problem     !

Capture4.PNG Capture5.PNG

Screenshot-SMART Data & Self-Tests.png

heeeei so what now nobody know what is my probleam mean i still have this HDD with same problem in SMART nothing is changed…what next

so anyone’s know what to do with my HDD???

“End-to-end errors” are errors in the internal data path of the hard disk. They are critical because usually the cache of the hard disk is defective. The data that are read from the hard disk or written on them are sometimes corrupted by the cache. And that must not happen. For this reason, the threshold is set very high in order to trigger a smart error even at a single failure.

You should replace the hard drive.

Technical details: click! (PDF)

Same text in german:

“End-to-End-Errors” sind Fehler im internen Datenpfad der Festplatte. Die sind kritisch, da gewöhnlich der Cache der Festplatte defekt ist. Die Daten, die von der Festplatte gelesen oder auf sie geschrieben werden, werden manchmal durch den Cache korrumpiert. Und das darf nicht passieren. Aus diesem Grund ist der threshold auch sehr hoch angesetzt, um schon bei einem einzigen Fehler einen Smart-Error auszulösen.

Du solltest die Festplatte ersetzen.

thanks Madnex, the strange things is that error I having from January this year after 1.5 months after I buy at the moment no changes! !! but anyway I want to changed it …but one problem this HDD I buy from Moscow/Russia but I am not from that country and live now in different country’s so can you tell me if I can change it in another country in WD regionally service office? ??