My first choice or choices of Portable HDs were the “WD Elements Portable” or “SE”. They didn’t have the drives anywhere at my local stores, so I decided to get a “WD My Passport Essential”, which they had at several of the stores. I knew I didn’t need the extra software included on the other drives, or encryption, but some features are kinda nice to have. Like being able to password protect the drive, and having it’s own disk diagnostics.

Here’s my question, if I want to use the “WD My Passport Essential” on another computer, then I’ll be able to, right?. Say I replace my internal HD, I’ll stil be able to copy from the portable drive and retrieve my files right?. Or do I need to make sure I don’t password protect the drive, or make sure I don’t install the SmartWare software at all?.

This is my first Portable HD. I wanted to order the HD I was looking for, but I was afraid it would get damaged during shipping. So I bought local instead.

You can use the backup software or manually copy and paste items on the drive