Hello everybody ,

I re-up this subject as I didn’t get any answer…

I would like to know if there is a password just to have ACCESS to the external hard-drive or does it ALSO encrypt  the files and folders on the hard-disk ? - More simply : is this a password which looks like the pass-word you enter when you open Windows ? - Once it’s opened , the files are not encrypted - is it like that with WD encryption or not ? I’m just searching for a password to secure the access to my external hard-drive - no need encryption for the folders and files on it ? OK ?
(hope i was more lucid this time :smiley:)

Best regards - Yannick.

File and folders are encrypted within the hard drive.

The security option allows you to set password protection and hardware encryption.

There is no way to access the files without the password.

If someone tries removing the enclosure the data will still remain encrypted on the drive.

OK - Thanks for your explanation !

Best regards - Yannick.