How do I change the encryption on My Passport Wireless?

I’d like to be able to have all the wi-fi traffic and the data on the disc encrypted - with a strong encryption, AES-512 or SHA-512 for example.

Is there a way to set this up?

I can’t answer for all devices/routers etc but most WiFi devices already use encryption or should.

iPhone and iPad use it and some other brands as well.

Homenetwork uses it if properly set up.

Public hotspots should and most do.

The strenght you wish for I have no idea of how to, but there are some clever ppl around here so hopfully they can come up with someting.

As long as you’re using WPA2, your WiFi is encrypted adequately.

If you want to encrypt the hard drive contents, you’ll probably need to use some sort of On-the-Fly Encryption (OTFE) software to do that.

Yes you are right, there is WPA2 setup already for the MPW in settings, forgot about that.

As others have said, Wi-Fi traffic is already encrypted to the standard you select, which is usually WPA2 these days.

However if you want the data on the hard drive to be encrypted, you need to buy a product that includes hardware encryption on it.

You _ could _ do On-the-Fly Encryption, but that would have to be done at the source, unless you want to install Linux based encryption software on to the MPW, which would be hard, may break the MPW functionality, and the MPW may not be powerful enough to do the encryption.

That’s an interesting suggestion. Do you know anybody who has put encryption software onto the MPW?

I think it should be fast enough, the MPW has an ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l) which is a 795.44 MIPS machine.

I see no need to encrypt my MPW files , and when it is on the home network, it is protected like the guys have said.  It is protected when it is used off network, too.  Maybe you ought not put files on it you fear others might see.

fustbariclation wrote:

That’s an interesting suggestion. Do you know anybody who has put encryption software onto the MPW?



Well it wasn’t really a suggestion. More of an observation.

No I don’t know anybody that has done it. But if you search around here you will find some people who have been playing with the UNIX installation on various WD drives. I think there was even someone working on the MPW when I had a look some time back.