Encryption WD My Passport Studio for Mac

Dear Community, 

I own the WD My Passport Studio 1 TB external hard drive for Mac. 

I have set a password that I am prompted to enter each time, I plug in the drive.

Is this actually only a password or are my data on the drive truly encrypted.

I am asking, because I am using the drive for Time Machine backups.

Time Machine offerst the option to encrypt the volume.

Do I really need the Time Machine encryption or is the volume already encrypted by setting the password?

Thanks a lot in advance.


The information is truly encrypted, you could even take out the internal hard drive out of the passport case and connect it directly to a computer and you cannot access the information.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. 

Perfect answer!

So I reckon, I don’t have to use the Time Machine encryption of the backup files, since the drive is already encrypted.

That’s why I was asking.