Encryption vs lock

On the box is written “Encryption with password protection keeps your data private.” What does it really mean? I know how to set password in WD SmartWare (locking th edrive), but what about encryption? What type is used? How strong keys? How to generate them? Or is encrypted the password only? Thx for answer.

Hi dude!!

The encryption on the drive (Created with the Smartware password) is 256-bit hardware-based encryption, it applies to the drive itself once you set a password.

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Hi ThePizzaMatrix,

How safe is the encryption of the drive for data recovery softwares?


Another question,

Is it possible to install VCD with the lock/protection on a “normal”/internal WD Caviar Black?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to install the VCD with Smartware to a normal internal drive, no matter the model or drive family.

Many thanks for your answer oxter. I was hoping it to be possible, as external 3,5" HDD (My Book) have this software, and I guess a WD Caviar Green inside…

And how secure is the encryption/protection of WDLock for recovery software?


You will not know because there is no way they will tell you.

WDStupidWare wrote:

You will not know because there is no way they will tell you.

The encryption type is public information found on WD’s website on the preview page for any drive that has it.

@Valleda: It’s 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption (You’ll see this on the overview of your drive if you go to WD’s site). This means that not even professional recovery software will be able to do the job.