Encryption status of files backed up to Amazon S3


I have been unable to find a direct answer to whether the EX2 is capable of sending encrypted backup files to Amazon S3. I know I can configure the EX2 to encrypt all data on its drives however, what happens to the files when they are backed up to Amazon S3 from the EX2? Just because they are encrypted on the EX2 does not necessarily mean they will be sent in encrypted form to Amazon S3. My goal is to send only encrypted files to be stored on Amazon S3. I have sensitive customer data that I do not want any intermediaries to ever have access to in clear form. I confess that I have not installed my EX2 yet, I just received it last week and have not had a chance to set it up. I am just thinking ahead to try and figure out if I am going to have to put another software application in the middle to encrypt my date before sending to Amazon S3 should the EX2 not be capable of doing this.


Hi swclarkfl, welcome to the Community. For this type of information I recommend you to contact tech support directly.