Encrypting a raid volume of my new WD MyCloud PR4100 or not?

Hi everyone

Actually i’ve been recently purchase a new WD MyCloud PR4100 “40 TB” storage server and now i want to set up the storage so i want to give your suggestion and advanges and disadvantages for each

1- should i chose raid 5 or raid 10
2-should i chose to encrypt the raid volume or not

Both RAID 10 and RAID 5, have advantages of Striping but RAID 10 provides Stripe feature along with backup while RAID 5 have Stripe feature with parity to recover data.
RAID 10 - Stripe of mirrors: Combines striping and mirroring for fault tolerance and performance.
RAID 5 - Striping with parity
RAID Volume encryption gives extra protection but have limitation of speed as it lower the speed of data access.