Enclosure Yellow Light of Death

Hi All, My MBLD 6tb got the steady yellow light yesterday…Unresponsive. Can I get another MBLD enclosure and put my drives into it? I have some data I NEED to pull off of it.

A yellow light indicates the OS won’t load… it does not necessarily mean the enclosure has failed.

What RAID mode had you set?

Hey Tony,
Nice to see your still around. I had it set to Raid1.
I unplugged it for a few hours and tried to start again, same result. When I get back to it I’m gonna try a quick tap on the reset to see what happens.

OK, I reset . It is now flashing green . Hard drives are spinning but no UI access or mapped drive access.I’m assuming its rebuilding and i should leave it alone for 10-12 hours.Am i correct in thinking OS is running and a rebuild is in progress? i really need about .5 TB off of it , the rest i can replace.

If you still can’t access it, you can remove one of the drives, mount it using mdadm in a Linux LIVE-type session on your PC:

(as root):
mdadm --assemble --scan (with whatever options to specify the DataVolume partition)
You will get:

mdadm: /dev/md/1 has been started with 1 drive (out of 2)
Then mount and see your files:

cd /mnt 
mkdir to-restore-md1
mount /dev/md1 to-restore-md1
ls -la to-restore-md1
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