Enclosure for pidrive

I can’t seem to find an commercial enclosure for the drive - Anyone know where to find one ?

try asking here …


Did anyone else get the survey to get a free enclosure? I completed it but didn’t receive any more information so i have no idea if I’m being sent one.

I also received the email about getting an enclosure for doing the survey. That was on Nov. 18, did the survey and haven’t heard anything since then.

Hi all! Marketing is in the process of packing and shipping enclosures to survey participants who provided contact information. You can email wdlabsassistant@wdc.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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can we see a “picture” of this enclosure ?

i’m curious

I assume it’s the enclosure shown on the page to buy it (look for the tab that says enclosure)


Thanks for your reply! I’ll send them an email.

i bought the drive - how can I now get the free enclosure - feeling a
little burned?

thanks paul … looks um … well “odd” :wink:

I would email wdlabs. They were really receptive even though I contacted them over the holidays.