Enable (S)FTP File Transfers

Transferring files using SAMBA or otherwise is painfully slow.

PLEASE Enable (S)FTP file transfer…


@WD_MCH WD team, could you answer, do you have plans to add smb or ftp?

SMB (Samba) is already implimented

with access to personal data? photos, videos and etc?
or you are meaning smb for backups? I have two problems with this smb server:

  1. I don’t have access to my personal data with this
  2. If I use smb server on My cloud home in offline mode I have disconnect every fifteen minutes. If MCH has internet this problem is not reproduced

Read my thread here about the disconnections every 15 minutes.

You must enable upnp. (and firewall if it’s blocking upnp)

Very bad design.

follow this tutorial for enabling everything you want . If you want to use such piece of carp hardware