Enable remote media streaming (via web)


This topic was posted before, but it would not let me reply to it so I am recreating it.  While setting up my configuration i notice a few errors in the instructions.  It took me forever to figure out how to make this work right so I figured I would get everyone the exact instructions.  To correclty setup remote media streaming on your MBL follow thes instructions:

What I did was:

  1. In the router: forward the port 9100 to MBL

  2. Register a Host (dns address) to your external IP address (I used http://freedns.afraid.org/, it’s free)

  3. Edit the file /DataVolume/cache/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-server.ini  (Use SSH to access the system files on the MBL.  http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/Telnet-or-ssh-my-book-live/td-p/87065


enableweb=2  (This is for editing the twonky server settings via the web.  After you get everything working properly it can be changed to 1 so that users cannot edit your settings when connecting to your server.  You will be forced to manually reset the MBL to reset the Twonky server after making this change.)


  1. Navigate to :9000 using your web browser and reset the Twonky server in the settings section.

  2. Access remotely to: http://<dns_address>:9100

If everything works as expected you’ll be able to play your media using your web browser.  I hope this is helpful, feel free to ask questions.

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To set flas as the default media player add the follwoing to the ini file

flash as default media browser for remote access


Will this work on the WD TV Live Hub as well? 

Hi I never attempted anything like this before.  So forgive me if I seem stupid.  Will this void our warranty?  And I know you said to forward the port to mybook live.  But I need to know what port to what port.  And will this fix the TCP error 404 Apche Tom Cat.  Thank you.

it shouldn’t affect your warranty.  only physically opening or damaging the drive will.  and that even depends on the circumstances.


i followed the instructions, but it did not work for me…

  • I forwarded port 9100 to my MBL

  • got an address http://XYXYX.mooo.com

  • modified accordingly the file \DataVolume/cache/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-server.ini with WinSCP (I also added a username and password)

  • restarted the twonky server by accessing the local address http://192.168.1.XXX:9000/config

when now i try to access http://XYXYX.mooo.com:9100 it does not load the page…

I am running twonky 5.1.9 on a WD MBL 2tb, and trying to access it remotely with a win 8 PC.

am i missing something?

UPDATE: i managed to work it out…

TIP from my experience: if using WinSCP, in order to modify the .ini file, it is better to copy it over the desktop, use Notepad++ to modify it, and then copy it back to its directory in MBL.

ISSUE still unsolved: remoteaccessflash does not work for me… it always asks me to download the file, both when in local and when in remote… any suggestion? thank you for any help!

ok, got it again… it’s a IE 10 problem (in win 8, both in metro and desktop mode)… in fact in Chrome or Firefox it does work… geees, am i good at answering myself!!! ;O)