Enable Network Shares on WD TV Live & Windows 7 & Vista 32-bit & 64-bit

Yes, uninstalling Windows Live Sign-in Assistant worked for me too. LIke so many others, I’ve spent weeks trying every guide to get  network sharing to work with WIndows 7. Uninstalling Windows Live Sign-in Assistant fixed it in less than five minutes! Incredible! I was beginning to doubt the WD TV LIve, but the problem was Windows Live Sign-in Assistant all along!

Hi Computer Guy! I tried all the things in your video alongwith un-installing the windows live sign in assisstant. But Still can’t access the network shares on the WDTV Live. Im kinda stuck bad! It is so frustrating! (sure you went throught that phase as well!)

So now I dont know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Version x64bit.

The WDTV live device has a wired connection to my router.

I have followed all the steps in your video (which was great and informative BTW)

Cheers bru! hope you can help me solve this highly annoying and irritating situation!


the problem is absolutely Windows Live ID sign in Assistant… I uninstalled it and it worked for me too… i was sick and tired of that but finaly i feel kind a relief… thanx guys… i appreciate it…

adpine you are my hero. I tried everyting, registry hacks etc and etc. Uninstalling Windows live ID sign in Assistant did the trick.



I was getting really frustrated and this fix worked in an instant…THANK YOU !!

hey l have problem acess network shares it tell me need pasword l enter my pasworrd butd on’t work what l do and can’t chane the type of my network it always Unidentified network what l do ?

Have to add:  It worked for me, too!

At some point, yesterday, it got installed on my system (according to the Control Panel add/remove list.)  

I had no idea this had been installed, because it does NOT show up on MY program list, only my wife’s.   

So, I uninstalled it, and voila.

It worked!!!

I just wanted to say… GENIUS to the video and this very helpful post… I followed this exactly and it worked.

I seemed to have a problem with using gigabit ehternet on my router and a switch.  On Windows 7, no network shares showed up on my wd hd live plus.  My motherboard has two ehternet adapters, so I hooked up the second one to the switch and set it to use 100 mbit.  After doing that, all my shares showed up on my wd hd live player.

hey computer guy ure guide helped me and it worked on windows vista but then later i went back to watch a movie and i dont see any shared folders or media share ,i try to unplug the power on wdtv but nothing can u please help me

Has anyone reported this issue to Microsoft and or Technical at WD? I did not have sign in assistant installed by itself rather I had the new Live 2011 essentionals package with the entire bundle and sign in assistant was not even listed in the uninstaller, so now it seems Windows Live 2011 essentials needs to be uninstalled as a whole. Once I did it the shares came right back without asking for a password. I wish I knew who to report this to as there really needs to be a proper fix for this.

Ok found a place where we can ALL report this issue to Microsoft. It seems logical that this is NOT a WD problem but rather a Microsoft problem. If we can all post feedback to them, maybe we can get their attention to fix this issue. I for one like my Live product.


Please include a link to this thread for reference.

It’s a classic Finger-Pointing problem.

The Live package changes the way Windows authenticates CIFS sharing.   They disabled (deliberately) the legacy forms of client authentication.

Also, Windows added the use of additional TOKENS in the responses from a Client Security Policy Negotation (CLI-SPNEGO).   The standard allows for that; they did nothing wrong.   However, NONE of the Public-Domain SAMBA versions prior to 3.4 will work with that, as the SAMBA versions 3.4 and 3.5 were only recently patched.   I doubt  Samba will patch earlier versions.

ANY Device or client out there that used earlier versions of Samba would be affected the same way.  Indeed, quite a few other Media Players suffer from the exact same issue.

The WDTV Live / Live Plus uses Samba 3.0.28a.

That version does not support the new authentication requirements, and it’s also affected by the SPNEGO bug.

In order for WD to fix it, they’ll have to compile in a much later version of Samba than they developed for.

I tried this myself, since all the GPL code is publicly available.   I was successfully able to compile in Samba version 3.5.4, and applied the required patches, but the unit wouldn’t function on Samba at ALL, which means some of the CORE software (which is proprietary) depends on the API from the older versions, and the newer interfaces are different enough that the existing code won’t work on it.

This will be a big undertaking on an existing product because they’ll likely have to re-write a considerable portion of code that’s been there for more than a year without these problems.

So, does Microsoft have to take blame?   Well, only because THEY made a change, but those changes are their’s to make.   They didn’t violate any standards.

Does WD have to take the blame?  Well, only because the GPL code they used didn’t support the later forms of Samba authentication, but that wasn’t needed until MS did that change.

So, they both share some blame for the BREAK, but the onus is on WD to re-write their code and compile in a much newer version of Samba than they designed for.

I doubt it’ll happen, but maybe…

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Awesome post, and well written. You explained it very well considering I have no idea about programing language let alone writing an API. But it seems to me you did the research for WD to troubleshoot the problem and identify the source. Question how do we grab the attention of WD software engineers to read this thread particularly your post? And another question, if we do not install forms of Live on Window why would it continue to work to begin with? I guess what I am saying is why only the live products change the authentication, would not MS send this down in a security update as it seems to me this is why they changed the code to begin with?

Hi all, just bought WD TV l live HD, fw already updated , everything is looking great. Just connected to my wifi home router and it has no problems going on the Internet. Only problem I still have is that there’s still no way in letting it see my home computer that is present on wifi network. On that pc I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, no antivirus, firewall disabled everything fine and updated. The home pc always sees the WD player, I have tried to enable multimedia streaming with no results on the WD player. very rarely from the WD menu on my lcd tv I could see my home pc but after a reboot or after minutes with no reason the home pc disappeared and it was not possible to let WD see it anymOre. I have also tried to disable multimedia streaming trying to share on the network the directories I’m interested into but with no results… I have tried to follow the procedure on the first mail YouTube video on this thread but nothing happened. The only few times I could let the WD see my home pc and so all the videos and pictures shared was when having multimedia streaming enabled, but - I repeat - it was something random and it went away without touching anything on the WD properties or home pc. Tried also to change those 2 registry parameters but with no results. So, question is : 1) anyone of you has a procedure to try to start from the beginning (maybe resetting the WD live to factory defaults) and doing a step by step sequence on the Windows 7 pc to let my WD player always see it and the resources ? 2) any procedure in doing this, but without media streaming and using only network sharing ? 3) if I use media sharing on the home pc , have I necessary to share the directories or not? 4) What name workgroup do I have to put in my WD live setting? From my pc I see in Windows properties that the name is “HOME” so that is what I set from the beginning, but even changing it to workgroup or other did not changed anything 5) How have I to set the automatic acces to network resources? Automatic or manual? Is that for when I use media streaming or it is a parameters used only when I disable media streaming from my pc and set network sharing? finally, when and how do I have to set the setting for cancel the network acces data on my WD setting page, just after the manual/automatic network access parameter? 6) I’ve prepared a new account as guest on my home pc, do you think from there (where maybe many windows setting are as default) could help me solve the sharing problem. 7) the only few time that - for no evident reason I could see from WD player my pc, I also was able to execute a video from the pc sending it directly to WDTVLIVE with not problems and it works perfectly , even with big video HD files … 8) e only thing It is always ok is that the WD player correctly sees the Internet network, network acces is always ok and from my pc I always see it on the network folder, inside my home group. it’s always there and present on the network with no problems. I really hope samo of you will be able to help me , very sad I cannot make my WD live tv HD run as it should … But I see it is a quite common problem … Thank you so much inn advance and all the best to you all, denis Frari - Italy

I can not find in add or remove programes anythig similar to Live 2011 essentionals nor Windows Live Id assistant. Where / how should one go about to get it uninstalled because I’ve done all the other steps and guides and this must be it in my case as well. Thanks!

Oh and. I’m on Win 7 x64, WDTVLive

I found something   ( I think… )
My share network were working for 2 of 3 PC on my network but the main one
did not after trying almost everything…
But today while making a connection of a network drive in the file explorer I saw
a entry for Wdtvlive in the network section.

I right click on it and I saw a option ‘installs’ in the menu…
I click on it and after a few second the icon change and bingo !!!
Now my share network work on all my PC !

So open file explorer, click on network, make sure your wdtvlive is ON, wait till you see

a entry for it, right click on it and click  install in the menu !

All my PC are on windows 7 64 bits with my Wd tv hd live.

Hope it help some of you guys !


All that did was add icons for the DLNA components and the custom WDTV icon for the Explorer.   It didn’t modify your sharing configuration…   So, I think that’s purely coincidence…

Well Tony,

I did not do anything else and the share for that PC was always empty and after that

it worked without any previous change in my share folders…

But can you explain why it start working… I dont…