Enable mediaserver only for sub-folders


Is it possible to enable the mediaserver just for a sub-folder instead of the whole share? I have a Public share with folders for video, music and folders. On this share there are also folders with software and other documents. Because the mediaserver is enabled on this whole public share, my SmartTV shows every picture that is on my public share. Even the images inside my software folders.

Is it possible to enable the mediaserver only on my music, pictures and video folder inside the public share?

I found a way to do this by changing some settings inside the Twonky webpage. However, the MyCloud device resets this settings to default once in a while.

So technically it’s possible but it’s up to the WD developers to make it possible in de user interface?


I’ve this same discussion going on in this thread  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/My-Cloud-3T-Twonky-Media-Sharing-Issue/m-p/672955#M6548 but other than Tony comments, no one else is commenting on this.  

Not even anyone from WD!!!

So let me know if you ever find way.