Enable IP6 and IP4 forwarding so apps like ZeroTier can be used to remotely connect to the physical network? A bit like a VPN

Is it possible for the engineering team to update the next firmware to allow IP6 and IP4 forwarding and also load a set of kernel drivers by default? All the kernel drivers are already present in the current firmware, they are just not loaded when the OS5 loads.

Between ZeroTier and Stefaan Ghysels all the work has already been done because I’ve got this configuration working right now. I’ve stumbled across this after installing the 3rd party OS5 compatible manually installed Docker app.

What mean by this is better shown by a sh code example:

# "/usr/local/modules/driver/nf_defrag_ipv6.ko"
# "/usr/local/modules/driver/nf_conntrack_ipv6.ko"

for m in "${drivers[@]}"; do
  echo "Loading $m"
  if ! insmod $m ; then
    echo failed to load $m
  #sleep 1

How this helps is that I’ve got the DL4100 as a node on a private ZeroTier network and when I’ve got my phone, laptop, etc… connected to the ZeroTier network from anywhere on the planet, I can actually access all the devices on the physical network (which is on a different subnet) following the following KB article on ZeroTier.


I have actually got this to work on IP4. The code that loads the drivers to allow ip masqurade and nat is in the third party Docker app script that Stefaan Ghysels has written.

The work has all been done. The Engineering Team just needs to make the simple changes as part of the official firmware.