Enable Guest Acct + Limit Access via FTP/SSH

After looking over the forums, I have been able to setup FTP access as well as SSH access to My Book Live (2TB) device.

Currently the only share that I have created is the Public share, but have been considering making a few private shares once I figure out how my X-Box 360 can access the private share on the device.

I also only currently had the admin account enabled with a password.

What I am looking to do is either enable the existing ‘guest’ account or create one myself.

Give that account out to an associate plus a password and have them access the MyBookLive, but be restricted to a specific **bleep** under the more secure SSH variety if at all possible. The user would only need Read access to down the files to their own machine.

Any thoughts on how to make this happen or which files to edit as the root account?

Point of note. If you incorrectly configure the SSH daemon then you might end up permanently locking yourself out of SSH access.

I realize that incorrecntly configuring the SSH daemon would lock one out of the device.

However, I know that we are not talking anything too difficult. 

Looking through the accounts in the /etc/passwd file shows there are several accounts already created. One of them is even called a guest account.

I created a different one, but it had the same group policy settings as the admin account. I realize that I can use the command chgrp to modify the group associated with any new account I create.

Now all I am asking is to limit them to a specific directory, which again shouldn’t be too hard. I think I know how to change the login directory, but not sure if they couldn’t ‘cd’ to another directory.