Enable debug level log

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot why my drive suddenly seems to stop responding to pings etc and disappears from the network. I know many others have this issue also.

Today also i woke up and this time around the drive had a solid white led light and i could not ping the drive either. In the past the led has been the usualy solid blue yet the drive is not reachable at times.

I looked  at /var/log/messages and from the looks of it, it seems to have rebooted around 00:03 AM for no reason…and then got stuck at the white led and there no more logs after that.

Im looking to enable debug level logs. I looked at /etc/rsyslog.conf  but couldnt figure out how to set log level.

Does anyone know?


Since logs are kept in RAM, increasing the verbosity may not help.   If the drive reboots itself before logfiles are flushed to disk, they’re gone anyway.

Which log are we talking about that stays in RAM?

All logs stay in RAM until they’re flushed.

CloudNAS:/var/log# df .
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
ramlog-tmpfs 20480 9472 11008 47% /var/log

 At least, I presume that’s what “ramlog-tmpfs” is indicating…  

IIRC, ramlog runs in RAM, and flushes to tmp space on the hard drive occasionally.

A CRON job which runs at 3:00 AM daily does the flush.

Mar 01 03:00:07 Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: [OK]
Mar 02 03:00:07 Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: [OK]
Mar 03 03:00:08 Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: [OK]
Mar 04 03:00:07 Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: [OK]

From the ramlog website:

Ramlog act as a system daemon. On startup it creates ramdisk, it copies files from /var/log into ramdisk and mounts ramdisk as /var/log. All logs after that will be updated on ramdisk. Logs on harddrive are kept in folder /var/log.hdd which is updated when ramlog is restarted or stopped. On shutdown it saves log files back to harddisk so logs are consistent. Ramlog 2.x is using tmpfs by default, ramfs and kernel ramdisk are suppored as well. Program rsync is used for log synchronization.

I dont know. I’ve always had my logs there despite rebooting several times…

I just rebooted my drive this morning and i notice my “messages” log for example goes back several days.

Same for "user.log

As your above statement says, shouldnt it be wrting the logs to the HDD…

Anyways… not a big deal. I was wonrdering if there was way to enable debug level logs anyways

That’s what I’m saying.   As long as the shutdown is “graceful,” or “commanded,” logs will be flushed to disk when the ramlog process is shutdown.

But you’re searching for info about a presumed crash / reboot.   If that’s what happened, it’s possible (if likely) the logs were  not able to flushed to disk because the process that does it is killed.

If it was logging directly to disk, the disk would seldom be able to sleep.